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On 15 January 1941, Franco Spinelli obtained a permit from the Municipality of Massagno for sole trading work and the installation of electrical plants in the area served by the Municipal Electrical Company, which had not been able to take him on as a full-time employee.

Tutti i collaboratori Spinelli

Franco Spinelli sensed the direction of building and land development in Lugano and decided to specialise and focus on the electrical and telecommunications sectors.

In the following twenty years, the company responded promptly to market demands and reached a position of importance in the local business community:

  • 1941 the business started with the first offices and warehouse located in Massagno
  • 1966 grand opening of the Chiasso branch
  • 1977Spinelli SA” is established under the guidance of Lorenzo and Carlo Spinelli
  • 1994 after the liberalisation of the telecommunication sector, Ticicom SA is founded
  • 2001 Gruppo Spinelli, which includes Spinelli SA and Ticicom SA, is set up
  • 2015 Spinelli SA takes over Impianti Industriali GP SA
  • 2016 Spinelli SA celebrates 75 years in business

Today, the company has more than 140 employees under the management of Dario Spinelli (President), Giorgio Ortelli (General Manager), Mario Treppiedi (Chief Operating Officer) and Ivo Wenger (Chief Financial Officer).

Starting with a permit issued by the Municipality of Massagno that initially was supposed to last only one year, in just three generations the Spinelli family has been able to create a company that is now a leader in the electrical and telecommunications sector in Ticino.

Company strategy for the coming years

Excellence above all. Since its founding, Spinelli SA has always built relationships with its clients based on trust by providing a quality, flexible, professional service. In order to excel in every sector, the company carefully plans its company strategy and continually sets new objectives:

  • Invest in new markets
  • Nurture personnel through training
  • Increase product quality
  • Improve planning
  • Always satisfy the client’s needs in the best possible way
  • Offer competitive services
  • Provide increasingly reliable infrastructure and systems

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We think the design of "smart buildings" means improving the quality of life of people who live and work in the places designed and, more generally, progress in terms of safety, savings and reduction of environmental impact.